Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4th Grade Clay Castles

4th grade just finished their ceramic project for the year.  It has become a tradition to build castles in 4th grade.  After learning about the Middle Ages and seeing castles from all over the world, each student designs their own castle.  Students use a slab building technique to construct their castles.  After a bisque firing, castles are glazed and glaze fired.  Each students also designed a coat of arms to be displayed with their castles.  These turned out fantastic this year!


Monkeys said...

Hi, Mr.Stoller it's me, the Cube Guy and I am just curious about what project we're doing after the bottle caps one. I know that I might be thinking waaaaaay to much to the future but still, what project are we doing after the bottle caps one?

Zach Stoller said...

AD- We're going to be doing some flip books next. I see some animated spinning cubes in your future.

Monkeys said...

Wow...oh yeah and thanks for telling me about that tags thing. I got like 20 visits this week so far