Friday, December 10, 2010

Eric Style Collage by 2nd Grade

2nd graders are in the middle of a two project series that focuses on illustration.  This project is inspired by the work of Eric Carle.  The kids get to first make random designs and textures on colorful paper using all sorts of creative mark making tools.  They absolutely loved this part.  Next, they drew an illustration of an animal.  Using their textured papers, the students then created a collage version of their illustration.  I had done this project with first graders a couple of years ago and then decided it would work better with an older age group.  This is one of those projects that can grow increasingly complex if done by older kids.  The results are really cool either way.  

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Anonymous said...

I do a lesson almost exactly like this one, and I have to say it is a winner. The kids love it, the results are great, there is a creative process going on and they learn about the process of Eric Carle- A winner all around! Great work!
Jessica Balsley