Friday, January 13, 2012

2nd Grade Egyptian Cats & Dogs

 This project has become a favorite among 2nd grade students here at Thomas. We study ancient Egypt, which is always enthralling for the students. It is one of the ancient cultures that kids are more exposed to and therefor are more interested in. This year I allowed the kids to draw either cats or dogs.

The most favorite part of this project is writing their names in hieroglyphics. I have a (rough) letter by letter translation of the alphabet that the students use and they absolutely love it. I always have the kids who finish early write secret messages to their friends using hieroglyphics.

See the lesson plan for this project here!


Pat said...


Thanks for posting your lesson plan about the Egyptian Cats. That is above and beyond and really appreciated. I have a sneaky suspicion that you write exactly the way you talk....I'm just saying!:)


Jacquelien said...


Miss said...

These are so regal and elegant. The border finishes them off so nicely. Thanks for sharing!