Monday, March 19, 2012

3rd Grade Roy Lichtenstein Portraits

I think this will be the last of my student teacher's projects that I will be posting this year because she finished her time at Thomas last Friday. Thinking back on it, I probably should have given her the opportunity to write the blogs posts about her projects, but I really didn't want to overwhelm her. 

This project was designed around students learning how to draw self portraits. I usually do a self portrait project with my third graders, so it fit in very well. Students studied the pop art work of Roy Lichtenstein and discussed his simplified use of color. After using mirrors to draw themselves, students used bubble wrap to print Benday dots on their portrait drawings. The final step was to cut out their portraits, mount them on black paper, then make action words to go along with the image. 

I think the idea of this project was more exciting than the final outcome. I was a little disappointed with how the bubble wrap printing. My students had a tendency to smear the dots a little. If I would do this project again, I might just use one large piece of bubble wrap for the whole face and not worry about doing multiple colors. Some students who were absent also had pretty good success using colored pencil to make their Benday dots. 


Phyl said...

I posted a Lichtenstein project a while back, that my 2nd graders did. We used pencil erasers as stampers for the Benday dots, and they worked awesome.

Since this is your student teacher's lesson and not yours, I feel comfortable with one other bit of advice - for the action words, I would still stick with red/yellow/blue/black - maybe with markers.

Zach Stoller said...

I like the idea to use the pencil erasers for the Benday dots. I need to check out your lesson to see how it turned out!

I totally and completely agree with your assessment of the action words. Giving up control was the tough part of having a student teacher!