Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1st Grade Rockets in Space

This rocket has a built-in space broom and
sweeper to help keep space clean. Obviously.
 I typically do this project earlier in the year, but it ended up getting pushed back a bit this year due to having a student teacher this fall. I like to work with first grade in a very sequential manner in order to try to build concept knowledge, skill level, and familiarity with art tools and techniques. 

I usually use this as one of my first painting lessons in order to give kids practice with filling in areas and painting around others. I suppose it would be WAY easier to just use a black piece of construction paper for the background. It would also be WAY less fun for my students. First graders love to paint. Of course you know that already.

This is a project that ends up being pretty successful all around. I love integrating science curriculum into my projects so it's a bonus for everyone. 

I don't want to take full credit for this lesson. I think I may have originally found a similar lesson on Deep Space Sparkle or another blog, but I don't remember which. I wrote up my own plans for it and you can check them out here.


Tatjana Knudsen said...

This is a wonderful project, and I have to try it with my students.

Greetings from a Danish art teacher. (Meet the Creative Part of Me)

Zach Stoller said...

Thank you so much!