Friday, November 13, 2015

5th Grade Personal Logos

Most of the lessons in 5th grade revolve around careers in the art field. When I was in elementary school, I don't think that I truly understood that all artists weren't just professional fine artists. After graduating from art school, I now know how many careers relate directly to visual art. I want my students understand that. 

The first project for 5th grade this year is based on the career of a graphic designer. Students were asked to design a logo that represents themselves. We really dove into a lot of professional examples and dissected them to figure out what makes a good logo work. We spent a lot of time on thumbnail sketches. A lot of time. Most students 20+ thumbnail sketches. After a couple rounds of peer review, students created two second drafts, then eventually made a large version of the final logo. 

I really like this project because it allows students to demonstrate their thinking throughout the entire design process. The final work is mounted along with the thumbnail sketch and second draft that most closely resemble the final logo. The final work turns out very nice and it allows me to get to know my students a little better. 

Click here to download my lesson plan!

This student enjoys hunting. What a well done logo!


Mrs. Tannert said...

These are awesome. It really shows that the students worked so hard with their preliminary sketches. The final work is great and I love the display with the drafts too!

Jack Felming said...

Thank you for sharing so much of your process and reasoning with this lesson. I love the idea of centering 5th grade assignments around careers in art. I also find the thumbnail and rough draft process with the students helpful. I have been working to have my 5th graders do more to generate ideas with visual brainstorming and rough drafts. Do you have any tips for peer review. Without fail, when my students review their ideas with their peers they get off task and distracted.

Zach Stoller said...

Thanks! Jack- I have a printed strip of paper with a couple of questions that I use for this project. Kids pick their favorite logo and explain why. They also tell how it represents the artist. There is always going to be a certain amount of off-task behavior, but I try to make it quick and easy. It's something I want to try more of with other projects.