Tuesday, May 10, 2016


  1. 1
    fail to care for properly.
    "the old churchyard has been sadly neglected"
    synonyms:fail to look after, leave alone, abandondesertMore
  1. 1
    the state or fact of being uncared for.
    "animals dying through disease or neglect"
    synonyms:disrepair, dilapidation, deterioration, shabbiness, disuseabandonment
    "the place had an air of neglect"

So....yeah. It's been a while. Two and a half months. Ooops. Life has been a little intense during that time. Nothing bad, just extremely busy. In the same week I had my school art show and also moved. Life took precedent over blogging. I've got some cool projects to share in the coming weeks including the acquisition of a 3D printer. For more frequent updates, follow me on Instagram. I try to post most school days @thomas_elementary_art

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