Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd Grade Bugs in Their Habitat

I have recently witnessed the best painting by second grade students that I have ever seen.  Boy, we have some talented students here at Thomas!  I have done a ceramic insect project for the last couple of years.  Kids love bugs, so this year I added an introduction project for the clay bugs.  After learning about body segments (head, thorax & abdomen), exoskeletons, insects, and arachnids, each student used books to research and draw their favorite bug.  We then drew and painted habitats for the bug.  The habitats are drawn very large in order to show the bugs in the correct scale.  The really cool part of the project came next.  The kids all drew their bugs on a piece of tag board.  Once they were colored and cut out, they were able to attach them to the habitat painting using 3D O's.  3D O's are small pieces of foam with adhesive on each side.  It makes the bugs pop right off of the background.  This was the first time I've used that product, and it was a huge it.  

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