Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5th Grade Yearbook Covers

5th Grade recently finished a project based in graphic design.  I was asked to have students submit designs to potentially be on the cover of the yearbook this year.  Students worked in groups and were given the open ended assignment of creating a yearbook using whatever materials they thought were appropriate.  The winning submission was done by Nari J, Sara P, and Tori B.    


Anonymous said...

wow this site isint bad, im suprised im seeing im the first person to post a comment so im not leaving who i am because tomorow in class im sure you will read this to the class and embaress me! i will say im in 5th grade. SHHH DONT TELL THEM LOLZ

clique said...

umm idk why i put anoymous but that person above is me. (or is it) jk=) its me