Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Grade Rockets in Space

1st grade recently finished a project in which they learned all about rockets and space.  We started out by talking about NASA and the various ways people can go to space.  Next, we looked at pictures of space shuttles, rockets, and many planets.  We even got to watch a video of the space shuttle launch.

The kids start out by drawing several large planets on a piece of white paper.  They are colored using crayons.  Space is painted black next.  You could cut out the planets and glue them onto black paper, but my kids love to paint and I want to give them extra practice.  Finally, we used recycled construction paper scraps to build rockets.  These turn out really cool and it is a pretty successful project all around.  

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. I was looking for a project for my daughter in 1 grade, i really like your project.