Friday, January 14, 2011

2nd Grade Wild Things

2nd Graders were inspired by Maurice Sendak's book "Where the Wild Things Are."  Each student designed his or her own wild thing by combining parts of many animals together.  They then pressed their wild thing into a foam printing material.  Each student printed their wild thing in four different colors before mounting the finished prints on black paper.  We used construction paper crayons to add creative text at the bottom of the page.  Interesting fact: construction paper crayons can be erased!  


Phyl said...

Huh! I use the construction paper crayons a lot, and I didn't know this! I can'at wait to get to school on Tuesday morning and get out the erasers to try this.

I love those crayons but my one gripe is that there is no real red.

Amanda Laird said...

What a fun way to use one of the best books around! Love this idea!