Saturday, November 12, 2011


100 followers?!? It's funny. When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I was just looking for a place to share lessons and art with parents and other art teachers in my district. I really never thought that I would actually have so many people commenting and following this blog. I appreciate everyone's feedback and I hope to continue to make the blog interesting to read. Thanks!


Phyl said... [Reply]

Congrats on hitting 100!

Lori Decoite said... [Reply]

yeah for art teachers who blog :)!!! congrats

Jessica Young said... [Reply]

Congratulations! I am a first year art teacher (and a first year blogger!). Even though I only have 6 followers so far, I enjoy posting what my students are doing, and the things we learn from each other along the way. I love reading other art teachers' blogs--I get some of my best lesson ideas that way!

Mrs. Keber said... [Reply]

I think your 100th was Denis elementary art teacher for Van Wert!!

Zach Stoller said... [Reply]

A male elementary art teacher in VW? Wow. Go Cougars!