Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1st Grade Rockets in Space

Notice that all of the planets are included (in the proper order and size relationship) in this one.
Wow! This artist has an amazing knowledge of science even as a first grader!

This project has become a favorite for me for 1st grade. We start out with a pretty simple overview of space, planets, and space travel. I also show the kids a video of the space shuttle launching. They are always super psyched to see that. Most haven't seen a shuttle launch before. We like to listen for the NASA guy telling how fast the shuttle is traveling. The acceleration is unbelievable. 

I then have students draw 4-5 planets on a 12"x18" white piece of paper. They color the planets using crayon, but pushing down very hard so the color is vibrant. The next day is spent painting "space" with black tempera. I suppose I could have the kids cut out their planets and glue them on black paper, but I want to give them as much practice painting as possible. They love painting, so I try to give them every opportunity to practice. The rockets are made on the third day and all of the paper comes from my scrap box. The fourth day of the project is spent finishing any coloring or rocket assembly that is necessary before gluing the rocket onto the background and making stars. The stars are simply made using the back of a brush. The results are alway great and my students love this project. 

Here is the link to the lesson plan!


Anonymous said...

I would like a lesson plan for this activity. It's cute!

Zach Stoller said...

Sorry that I didn't get the lesson posted very quickly. It was one of those lessons that wasn't really fully fleshed out if you know what I mean.