Monday, October 1, 2012

2nd Grade Expanded Images

Another round for this project. I think I may replace this project next year. It is one that the kids really enjoy, but I don't get the overall results that I'd really like to see. 

Essentially, I use this as a warm-up project for the year. Each student gets to select an image from a magazine. They cut it out, then glue it on a large piece of paper. Next, they use their imagination to decide what else is going on in the picture. I tend to get a lot of aliens and monsters. They paint using watercolors and I have them focus on trying to make sure their colors don't mix. 

I really enjoy what the kids come up with in their drawings. It's really cool to see how their brains work when they have a very open-ended assignment. Again, I'm not going to post a full lesson plan for this project due to the fact that it's pretty simple to figure out. Look out for more posts next week. I have several projects that will be finished throughout this week! 

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Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

This is one my kids always enjoy, they love projects that they can make totally individual. I love the flying ballerina in the top example, and what a great choice of picture as a starter! :)