Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5th Grade Personal Logos

Each finished piece shows multiple drafts to show how the logo evolved.
Example of the artist statement attached to each piece.
This one goes with the image above it. 
This is a lesson plan I just wrote this fall and I think it has been my favorite to teach so far this year. I'm writing several new plans for 5th grade that are based on careers in art. I'm hoping to show them all of the possibilities that are out there. I don't think that most students (or people in general) are aware of the amount of jobs that are directly related to art.

For this project, each student created a personal logo. We started out by talking about famous logos and discussing similarities between them. We decided that most logos are fairly simple and that sometimes logos evolve over time as people become more familiar with them. 

I was incredibly impressed with the outcome of this project. My students came up with some amazing logos. Students used the design process to help them come up with their final logos. They started with thumbnail sketches before conducting peer reviews, making a second draft, discussing their work in a class critique, and making the final version. I had them include parts of their first and second drafts along with their final logo to show the progression of their idea. I will definitely be doing this project again next year.

Please feel free to use my lesson plan!


Phyl said...

Nice lesson, nice results! Definitely a keeper!

tartseam said...

What were some of the best examples of logos you showed them ? I am building my prezi presentation now.

Zach Stoller said...

I just did a google image search for logos. There were good individual examples as well as images that included 20 or more different logos. If you give me your email address, I can send you the images I used.

Pat said...

Very impressive, Zach! Your students really "got"it! Thanks for sharing your lesson plan, too.


tartseam said...

Hey Zach! Just saw your comment, you can send it to tartseam@yahoo.com

After initial contact, I'll provide my work email for any future emailings. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

I'll take any digital presentations you have too! I love your blog and am going to try this project. We are having a career day at school and this is perfect. Thanks! Stephanie snoon@mpcsd.org