Saturday, February 1, 2014

Got a good art sub?

Coolest sub note ever.
Demo collagraph prior to letters being flipped.
I don't miss many days of school. I probably miss fewer days than just about the entire staff at my elementary school. Writing accurate plans (just like Mr. E. blogged about earlier this week) takes hours. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get an art certified sub. I was out on Monday and I came back to a very nice full page note that was written (and cut) by someone who was obviously an art certified sub. She that saw my demo collagraph piece was a quote taken from Harry Potter. (I'm pretty nerdy.) She actually used an x-acto to cut my name out of her note to me. Sweet!


dmasse said...

awesome all around!
I never can get an art certified sub:)

Deb Pulst said...

I agree there is nothing better than a great art sub! I have been spoiled with a former student teacher who is subbing,