Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharing Lesson Plans

Sharing is a good thing. I try as hard as I can to post my lesson plans at the end of each blog post. I know how long they can take to write. Since I've already done the work, why not share the love? I've been posting links for files I upload to Google Drive. The links take you to the Word or PDF document. They are downloadable (File --> Download), but I get a lot of requests to "share" the files. I set them up so everyone has access, so I can't share more without giving other people the ability to edit my original files online. If I did that, the files wouldn't be in their original form for others to view. 

Tonight I'm trying out something different. I've Googled my head off looking for a way to make my files download instantly from my blog. They are still the linked files from Google Drive, but I've figured out a way to make them download immediately. After the links are downloaded, you can edit them in order to adjust the lesson to your liking. My question for all of you who use them is this- which version would you like?

Here are both links to try out. I'm using my popular Totem Pole lesson as an example. What fun! PLEASE comment to let me know which way you prefer. Thanks!

Old School Way (Link directly to Google Drive Document - Click on File -->Download to put it on your computer.)
Check out the lesson plan here!

Immediate Download (Exact same file, but it downloads directly to your computer.)



Christie - Fine Lines said...

How cool!!! I tried both ways. They both work fine, but the new way seems to be one click shorter!!! I'd say use whatever is easiest for you.

Barbara's Thought of the Day said...

First, what a great idea and also a generous one, too. To me, the new way is the hands down winner.

Mrs. Seitz said...

I wonder if it would be easier for you to use the link way but link to the whole folder of lesson plans each time?

I like that I don't have to download it unless I want to with the link way. I believe you can set the folder settings so that it is public and others can view or choose to download so they can edit their own copy.

I think do what works best for you since you are the generous one! :)

Zach Stoller said...

The problem I've had with simply posting the link is that I CONSTANTLY get emails asking me to share the files I've posted. Obviously I'm more than happy to share my lesson plans. All of my files are already shared and people can simply download them from Google Drive. It seems that many people don't understand that, hence the redundant sharing requests. I think what I'll do is share the direct download (when it will work for me) and also post a direct link to the whole lesson plan folder from time to time. How does that sound?

ArtAdventure said...

Can you direct me to a good how to page for creating this immediate download link?

Zach Stoller said...

Sure! There is a good tutorial here -->

I keep the first part of the download code on a "sticky note" on my computer. That way it's always available when I need it. I'll tell you that getting the downloads to finally work took FOREVER. I don't know why Google hasn't come up with an easier way for people to make downloadable links.