Thursday, February 5, 2015

1st Grade GERMS!!!

If you don't immediately see the irony in this post, then you don't know first graders. To top it off, I sit here writing this; my body full of Mucinex D (the big kid kind), nasal spray, and a bit of coffee for good measure. How ironic is this post? I don't even want to think about it.
On to the cool art. This project was super fun to work on and the results were almost 100% successful for all students. I've got a thing for incorporating science into my art lessons and I was intrigued by the look of different strains of bacteria and viruses. We discussed how some bacteria is good while other types of viruses and bacteria can be harmful to our bodies. Each student did several sketches and choose to create either a good or bad germ.

This is one of those projects that the students can just go nuts with. It's very open and allows a lot of choice. It also allows me to to talk to my first graders about proper germ defense. Trust me, they need it!

Download the full lesson plan here!


Hope Hunter Knight said...

Thanks for the lesson plan - these look like so much fun! Hope you feel better soon.

Aimee Fresia said...

I totally get it as I have SEVEN students gone in my first grade art class today. Hope you get healthy soon!

Zach Stoller said...

Like I tell my students all the time- kids are gross. Like you guys know, it's just easier to come in sick many days than it is to find an art certified sub and spend a couple hours writing plans. I'm hoping for a restful weekend!

tconlan said...

OH my gosh! LOVE these! Thank you for sharing!