Friday, February 13, 2015

Art Club Update

I thought I'd tell you all a little more about Art Club. What's the first rule of Art Club? Tell EVERYONE about Art Club. 
I have a total of 20 4th and 5th grade students in Art Club. We meet every Thursday after school until 5:00 for 12 weeks. There was a small fee involved to pay for materials and the club t-shirt (that we screen printed ourselves). Students had to apply to get in and I based entry on the application as well as overall classroom behavior. I limited the group size to 20 because I wanted to work on bigger and more difficult projects. It's also nice not to have 30 kids in my classroom.

We're currently working on paper mache animal heads that will be mounted on wooden backing boards that will be able to hang on the wall. It's kind of a riff off of taxidermy. Anyway, here are a few in process examples. Enjoy.
There's nothing like a big pile of animal heads to give your art room that unique touch.
Saber Tooth Tiger
Of course I had to do an example
piece. This pink Brontosaurus will
wind up in my daughter's room.


dmasse said...

awesome! love it, dude. those shirts are sweet too. may i ask how much the materials fee is? i'd like to do something like this at zamo, but the size of our school (1400 kiddos) presents it's challenges. i like application process you instituted.

Zach Stoller said...

Thanks, sir! I charged $20 for shirts, materials, and money for a little celebration/art show at the end.