Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1st Grade Cave Art

Cave art projects are simply made for first grade. What better way to show the simplistic drawing style of Paleolithic people? First graders naturally have a simple feel to their artwork and that style translates perfectly to this project.

Though examples of cave art have been found all around, the most famous is the work in Lascaux, France. There is even a virtual tour of that cave complex that students love to see. Most of the site is in French, but the pictures, of course, work for any language. 

Another cool thing that I like to do during this project is to set the cave art mood. That's a thing, right? I turn off the lights in my classroom and project a campfire on the big screen in my room. One year, a student teacher had the kids draw with all of the tables on their sides. It was really cool, but my tables are incredibly heavy. It definitely took two of us to get everything moved. 

What I like about this project is that it can be as complicated or simple as is needed. This year, it was a two class project because I had a student teacher starting who would be beginning his own lessons. No matter how long it takes, students are always very successful with it. 

Click here to download the full lesson plan!


Crapaud Chameau said...

Very good work ! I like this Lascaux cave.

Diana Hobson said...

Very cool to see and interesting, too! What a beautiful painting, too. I love it! Excellent post.

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lowcheck kian said...

Very good and superb art work.Beautiful painting. I like your blog.Great work.Keep it up.

Stephanie Becnel said...

We do this at our school as well. The students work on large brown paper while it is flat and then they crumple the papers and they are arranged on the wall to look like a rocky cave wall. It gives it great dimension!