Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break Fun & Food

Last week was spring break. Huzzah! It was nice to not only have a short break from school, but to get out of the crazy Ohio weather. My wife, daughter, and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia and then drove to Macon in order to visit family. The weather was in the low 80's and absolutely wonderful. We visited the Georgia Aquarium and I got to view an animal that I've always wanted to see first hand- the whale shark! They actually have four whale sharks in an absolutely massive tank that also holds manta rays and countless other examples of marine life. 

It's hard to get sense of how large the whale shark in this picture is. This one was approximately 30' long!
 After getting back from Georgia, I had some time to relax, read, and have fun with my daughter. I also spent some time in the kitchen. One of my secret "real person" talents is cooking. I absolutely love to cook and would consider going to culinary school if I weren't teaching. I've been on a fresh pasta kick lately, so I decided to include a couple of my creations for you to enjoy. 
Scratch made linguini with spring vegetables.

Scratch made short rib and wild mushroom ravioli served with sautéed brussels sprouts.

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Jen Carlisle said...

oh my.... that looks amazing. Enjoy those tasty meals... and the time with family.