Monday, July 13, 2015

3rd Grade Collagraph Quote Prints

This is another one of my absolute favorite projects. I'm finding that I really enjoy lessons that are different from the usual painting/drawing norm. I work really hard to make sure I have a ceramic lesson as well as a printmaking lesson for each grade level every single year. 

This lesson was one of the last printmaking lessons I added into my curriculum. I was inspired by a middle school project over at The Calvert Canvas Blog and I adapted that idea to my 3rd grade students with a few minor changes. 

The boards are ready to go!
Each student chooses a favorite quote- either from a list I have or they may use one they already know. They then do several sketches and a peer review while they work out different ways of designing their text. After the final design is decided, students draw their quote on a piece of thin foam. They cut out their letters, then glue them backwards (with the help of a mirror) to a piece of chip board. They then use ink and brayers in order to print on a piece of construction paper. I always have my students make several prints in order to make sure they get at least one really nice finished print. 

Click here to download my lesson plan!


Mary said...

Very cool! Silly question, what did your students use to cut out letters. Interior of the letters took some patience. These look Great!

Beth Moore said...

Beautiful results! I did a similar project at a camp a few weeks ago with cardboard, but foam seems to work better. Also, great idea to have mirrors handy. :)

Beth Moore

jes said...

This is a great project! Can you tell me what chipboard you use? I am having a hard time finding some that seems affordable.

Zach Stoller said...

Mary- I used an x-acto to do interiors of letters. I just went from table to table. It wasn't too bad.

Jes- I use whatever the thinnest chip board from Blick is. It comes in a 40"x30" sheet. I know it's super cheap. I'm talking less than a dollar per sheet if I'm remembering correctly.