Monday, July 27, 2015

4th Grade Reduction Prints

This project is like magic. The first year I did it, I was absolutely astonished at how well it turned out. It is still my favorite printmaking project that I teach. I usually post 4-8 examples of each project and every year I find myself posting WAY more than that for this lesson. It's just that good. 

I have visual instructions for this project on my original post of this project. The concept here is that students start with a large piece of foam and press in details to print one step at a time. The inks are layered and students eventually wind up with a three color print. 

Andy Warhol is the major inspiration for the lesson. We take a look at various example and talk about how screen printing was Warhol's primary method of art making. It gives the students a good jumping-off point for the lesson. 

Also, before you ask, we use photo reference for the animal drawings. I get a huge stack of animal books from the library and students choose a specific photo or two to draw from. I get way more detailed and realistic work from students this way. 

Enjoy the examples from this year!

Click here to download my lesson plan. 


Jeanne said...

These are fantastic! Do your students wash and dry their styrofoam blocks when they change to a new color of ink?

Zach Stoller said...

Thanks! They do indeed wash them in between colors. I tell them to make sure they're really dry as well.