Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1st Grade Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream

Back to bloggin'. My art show was last week and, as the teachers who are reading this know, putting on an elementary art show is no small amount of work. I'm going to try to post several projects over the next few days to get caught up with my blogging. 

This is a project that hung in the show that was finished about a month ago. My first graders learned about the work of Wayne Thiebaud. If you want to get a group of first graders excited (not that it takes that much), show them Thiebaud's work. Who doesn't love desserts? 

Each first grader thought about their three favorite kinds of ice cream and created a textured paintings to represent each flavor. For the paintings, students used all kinds of paint scrapers, plastic forks, etc. with tempera paint in order to create more interest in their painting. Each painting was then cut into a circle and glued onto a large background paper with a cone. This was a pretty quick (3 classes) project, but the students loved it and it was a big hit at the art show. 

See my full lesson plan here!

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