Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3rd Grade Artist Inspired Guitars

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.
Inspired by Victor Vasarely.
Inspired by Keith Haring.
Inspired by Vincent VanGogh.
Inspired by Salvador Dali.
Inspired by Vincent VanGogh.
It was a month before the art show and I realized I needed another good third grade project. I came across a few ideas on Pinterest that inspired this project. My students really enjoyed it, so I'll probably use the lesson again next year.

What I really liked about this lesson was that it was almost completely open. I hung a ton of different prints that represented a pretty wide range of artwork, then had each student choose one piece to be inspired by. Each student drew a guitar, then designed it to reflect the famous artwork he or she chose. Students had a completely open choice of what art media they wanted to use. Most ended up choosing more than one. I think they turned out pretty sweet!

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Hope Hunter Knight said...

Great idea, thanks for the post!