Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinch Pot Bugs by 1st Grade

For many years, my first grade clay project has been the pinch pot turtle. It was simple, fun, and turned out pretty well every year. It just had one problem. Those turtle legs/heads/tails broke off so easily that I felt like I was running a turtle vet clinic toward the end of the project. 

This year, I was contemplating doing something a little different and found this little project on Pinterest. The concept is the same as with the turtles. Kids start with a pinch pot, invert it, then add details on the pot to turn it into a ladybug. I had each student poke six holes into the clay on the bottom to later use for the legs. After the work has been bisque fired, I hot glue little bits of wire into the holes to make the legs. Finally, the bugs are painted with watercolor paints. This is a pretty successful and simple two day project for 1st grade. 


Jessica McConnell said...

What did you use for the legs? Very cute and simple. My kids would love it.

Zach Stoller said...

I just used wire. I think I even had some older kids cut pieces to size. I did have to hot glue all of the legs in, though. That was the only downside.