Friday, May 18, 2012

1st Grade Pinch Pot Turtles

I really thought about changing this project this year. I was really close. Clay turtles are cool, but is there something cooler? I decided to try to change it around next year. 

My first graders really enjoyed their clay experience. I condensed this project into one day of working with clay and one day to paint. In previous years I gave them two days to work with clay and I feel I got better results doing the clay in one day this year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other pinch pot oriented projects for 1st? I saw Mr. E do some cool hatching dinosaur eggs and I've seen open mouth monsters. Has anyone had success with anything else? Thanks!


Mr. E said...

I did fish last year(I think it was last year?!?)...they were a lot of fun!!! Easy to work in a whole ocean unit!! I saw someone do sunflowers on one of the blogs...that worked out nice too. That would be a fun van Gogh unit.

Jessica Young said...

I actually just did pinch pots with designs on them. We had a great aesthetics discussion on functional art, and we talked about different uses for small bowls. I tied in Native American pottery for art history. Here are the unglazed pinch pots:
and the finished projects:
With my 3rd graders, I made pinch pot cupcakes, but that would be hard with 1st grade. Here is the link anyway: