Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5th Grade Claymation

Three posts in three days! This is an absolute flurry of digital activity! I'm still working on getting caught up from the art show. I'll post pictures of the show soon as well.

This 5th grade claymation project has been a favorite ever since I started it four years ago. I don't think the kids would ever let me not do this project. It takes a massive amount of time, but the end result is completely worth it. On top of that, it is chock full of 21st Century Skills! Chock full!

 This year, my 5th grade classes created commercials. Each class created one commercial and I edited them together in iMovie. My students break into groups to write, create characters, and create sets. All students then get to help animate. I pick some of the harder workers to be voice actors later on. This project has actually been finished for a month or two, but I always wait until after the "premier" at the art show before I post it publicly. The video is hosted from YouTube, so you might not all be able to view it at school.

Here is my lesson plan!


Mr. E said...


Ruth Byrne said...

Great claymations! "Kitties!"
I've had trouble with claymation projects because it seems like every group is ready to shoot at once and they share two cameras. Do you cycle groups into a staging area?

Zach Stoller said...

Thanks! I just have each class make one segment of the claymation. The class breaks into writers/storyboard artists, set designers, and character designers. Once everything is ready to film, I have 1/4 of my class film while the rest of group works on another project. The filming is finished over a month and everyone gets a chance to film. It works out pretty well for me.

Amaco said...

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing a clay project.