Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4th Grade Chinese Dragons

My school is incredibly diverse. Our student population represents over 30 spoken languages from a wide range of countries. To celebrate our diversity, Thomas Elementary had our first annual Multi-Cultural Day last week. We had a multi-cultural fashion show, many different performances, research posters from each class, and a food tasting. 

In keeping with that theme, many of the projects students created for the art show were representative of different cultures. Fourth graders created a project about Chinese dragons. In China, dragons are considered to be wise creatures that represent power, strength, and luck. Many students are much more familiar with the European idea of a dragon being an evil creature to be afraid of. 

Students each created their own dragon, painted it with watercolors, then cut it out. The dragons were then double mounted on construction paper. The project was finished with descriptive Chinese words. Overall, my students really enjoy this project. It fit nicely with our international theme as well.

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