Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2nd Grade Inventions

The shoe that does everything!
Drink Maker 2012

Snowball Powered Clock
Grow/Shrink Ray 3000 / Freeze Ray 3000
Chuck Robot (Cooking Robot)
The Flying Wings!
The Cleaner Upper 3000
2nd grade is full of inventors. We just finished a project in which all 2nd grade students came up with their own unique inventions. This was kind of an end of the year time filler in a way. There were varied levels of finishing with this project due to the fact that the schedule at end of the year is crazy. Between Multi-Cultural day, May Day, Super Games, and everything else, some classes had quite a bit more time than others on this project. This is a good project for me to do at the end of the year because the 2nd grade teachers touch on inventors at the same time. I always enjoy seeing what my students come up with. I see some future engineers in my classes!


TyBrooks617 said...


Do you have written directions for this project? A rubric?


Zach Stoller said...

I know I have them on my school computer. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it is summer break and I don't have the computer with me. Sorry.