Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3rd Grade Hero Portraits

3rd grade artists just finished a joint art/library project. The topic of the month was heroes. All 3rd grade students chose a hero to learn about while they were in the library. Some students chose famous people and others chose family members who they considered to be heroes. They then created a cut paper collage of their chosen hero. Mrs. Torbert even talked about the hero portraits during the hero assembly.

2nd Grade Clay Bugs

2nd grade recently finished a study of insects and arachnids in art class. Students learned about many kinds of bugs and found out that all insects have six legs and three body segments. Each student chose an insect to sculpt out of clay. We then painted them and added legs. They look really great on display in the commons.

4th Grade Clay Castles

4th grade students recently finished learning about the middle ages. We looked at examples of castles built by many different cultures and studied why each castle was built. Students were then able to design and build their own castle out of clay using a slab building method. This project is a favorite of many kids and was a hit again this year.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Grade Penguins

First grade has been learning about warm and cool colors. In our study of cool colors, we learned about penguins because there isn't anything cooler than a penguin! Students began the project by learning interesting facts about penguins. They then made a wet on wet watercolor background using only cool colors. They then drew and colored four penguins, made some mountains and ice, then glued everything together. I think they came out great!