Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4th Grade Flip Animation

I have once again ended 4th grade with the flip book project. It's a nice project to end with because more details can always be added to make the animation more interesting. It is also a great intro into animation in order to get my students ready for stop motion in 5th grade. Enjoy the video with some of the best from this year!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5th Grade Art Career Choice Project

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a paleontologist. I liked art, but my elementary art "program" was hit or miss. I think a parent even volunteered to teach art for a year or two when our art teacher was out due to budget cuts. I had a basic idea of what art was about, but I had no idea that it could actually turn into a job someday. Even throughout high school, I really didn't have a good understanding of how many careers are associated with art. Then I went to Columbus College of Art & Design.

I want my students to know that there are all kinds of art careers that are out there. I designed this project as a way for students to familiarize themselves with art careers and also a culmination of skills from elementary school. 

After learning about various art careers, each student had to fill out a fill out a project proposal sheet. They designed their own project around a specific art career. I wanted my students to have as much input as possible for this project. At the same time, I wanted to make sure each student planned a complex enough project for it to take 5-6 art classes. I reviewed each proposal, made notes for the students, then let them get to work the next class. 

Even with almost every single student doing something entirely different, I was impressed by how smoothly the project ran. The first week was a bit of a struggle helping each student get started with different materials, but the following classes were incredibly smooth. I only wish I had started the project a week or two earlier. We wound up running out of school year before some kids were able to finish. 

A purse made for a little sister.
Painting of birch trees using watercolor and colored pencil.
House model using various papers. Check out the amazing level of detail on the inside!
Baseball team logo redesign.
A fashion line by a very talented girl.
Fashion design - small model.
Personal art museum using miniatures of art he did this year.
Horse sculpture made from sticks. Wow.
Video game cover design.
Watercolor and tempera painting.

Students creating clothing samples.
Writing a game program using characters he developed!
Everyone was super busy with their projects.
I didn't write a true lesson plan for this project due to the fact that it was different for every student. If you want to give this project a try, using the project proposal form with your students would be helpful.

Monday, June 3, 2013

5th Grade Plush Monsters

Break out the needles and thread. It's time for plush monsters! This project has quickly become a favorite at Thomas. It's fun to see my students try their hand at what is an entirely new medium for most of them. I'm happy to fall back on my 8th grade home economics skills to teach this one.

This is only the second time I've done this project, but the results have been pretty stunning each time. My students absolutely love coming up with their own monster and actually being able to create a tangible product they can take home. They sew the main body using felt, needle, and thread. The details are glued on using Aleene's tacky glue. It really has a good hold with the felt.