Monday, October 18, 2010

4th Grade Totem Poles


4th graders started out the year with a project based on artwork of Native American people of the Pacific Northwest.  We learned about stylization.  Stylization is how an artist changes how something looks in order to make it look different than it does in real life.  Students looked specifically at totem poles.  Each student picked an animal to stylize and then paint.  The finished paintings were hung in stacks to simulate real totem poles.  Many are over 8 feet tall!

3rd Grade Aboriginal Animals

3rd grade students recently finished their first big project of the school year!  They learned about the Aboriginal culture from Australia.  Aboriginal artists have been around for hundreds of years, often making their own paint and painting on everything from stone walls to bark and paper.  Each 3rd grader chose an Australian animal and drew it in the typical "x-ray" style of the Aboriginal people.  The backgrounds are painted with q-tips in order to make a dot pattern.  Great work, 3rd grade!

5th Grade Keith Haring Social Cause Posters

5th grade students just finished a project in which they studied the work of Keith Haring. Haring was an artist who used simple figures and symbols in his artwork. Much of his work dealt with important topics from the time when he was alive. Each 5th grade student picked an important social cause to make a poster about in the style of Keith Haring. This project really pushed students to think and come up with images to support their ideas.