Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1st Grade Free Form Creatures

This is another beginning of the year project for first grade. They have already learned about geometric shapes in a previous project and now they have learned about free form shapes. I use the beginning of the year in first grade to introduce many different media as well as art room procedures. With this project, watercolor painting was introduced. On day two of the project, students turned each of their shapes into something new. Many, many creative solutions popped up. I've seen everything from silly monsters to a very nice boomerang.

Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Grade Imaginary Backgrounds

I like to start 2nd grade out with a project that will allow them to really get their imaginations going. They start out by cutting out one image from a magazine. It is glued to a large white paper. Students then must make up a background. The imaginary backgrounds range from incredibly strange and hilarious to very nice expansions of the original magazine picture. This is a fun project to get the year started with.

1st Grade Caterpillars

The first project of first grade is about texture. Students learn that texture is how something feels. We spent time examining many textures in class. Each student made one circle with crayons and texture rubbing plates. When everyone was done, the texture circles were attached to each other to make a giant caterpillar!