Monday, September 10, 2012

1st Grade Texture Caterpillars

Well hello there! I'm back for another year of amazing elementary art! Projects will be going up as they are finished. At the beginning of the year, I always feel like I'm not posting enough because everything was just started and I don't have any finished work. Luckily, there is always first grade. 

I've debated about changing this project for the last couple of years, but I haven't done it yet. My students enjoy this one and it is a wonderful introduction to the art room. The first few weeks with first grade is as much about establishing routines and expectations in the art room as it is art concepts and practices. 

This caterpillar project is an easy one day project that allows students to dive right into a project. It involves following multiple step instructions and uses crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue. I typically post a lesson plan with my posts, but this project is so simple that I'll just explain it. 

Start with blank 9x12 paper. Give each student paper, pencil, and a paper plate. Students draw a circle using the plate as a template. Next, using pre-made plastic textures and crayons, students will do texture rubbings on the circle they have drawn. I let my students use multiple textures and colors to make interesting designs. Finally, cut the circle out and add a leg. Make sure to have one student make eyes, mouth, etc. for the face. I usually choose someone who is doing a nice job of following directions and is finishing a little early. Good luck!