Thursday, May 27, 2010

4th Grade Flip Books

As an introduction to animation and the concepts used with the 5th grade claymation project, 4th graders learned how to make flip books this year. Each student came up with something simple to animate. Flip books were at least 25 pages and many even included full color. This was a fun project and a great learning experience!

Friday, May 21, 2010

4th Grade Bottle Cap Mural

For the 2nd consecutive year, the fourth grade classes have created a mural that will be on permanent display at our school.  This mural is inspired by an Ohio artist named Michelle Stitzlein.  Michelle's work includes mostly recycled materials.  Keeping with the recycled art theme, the mural was made out of plastic bottle caps.  The theme for this mural is bugs.  Each class created a 4'x4' panel with one bug on it.  The pictures above show each panel as a separate piece as well as an image of what the mural will look like when it is put together.  I will post more pictures once the mural is put up over the summer. 

1st Grade Clay Turtles

1st grade recently finished their first clay project.  For this project, they learned that clay comes from the earth and that there are many different kinds of clay.  Students started by learning how to make a pinch pot, one of the simplest clay forms.  Legs and a head were then added to the upside down pinch pot to create a turtle.  They were painted with watercolor paints after they had been fired.  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Thomas Art Show!

The 2nd annual Thomas Art Show was a huge success.  Approximately 250 people came out to see nearly 900 pieces of artwork on display.  Each student had at least two pieces of work.  The 5th grade claymation film also premiered. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out!

5th Grade Self Portraits

5th grade just finished a project based on the work of Chuck Close.  Close creates huge portraits that show all details of the subject.  Students also learned that Chuck Close is now paralyzed and does not have full use of his arms.  He has overcome many challenges, but still makes incredible artwork.  Each 5th grade student worked from a digital photograph in order to make realistic self portraits.

5th Grade Claymation

5th grade students recently finished a lengthy claymation project.  Students split up into groups to complete various parts of the project.  Groups included writers and storyboard artists, set designers, and character designers.  This project takes a ton of time to complete, but has a big payoff at the end.  If you cannot view the video, it is probably because youtube is blocked on your school or work computer. This year, students came up with the idea of "Clay Idol."  It is a spoof on "American Idol" done entirely with stop motion.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3rd Grade Ceramic Animals and Habitat

3rd grade recently finished a pretty intense study of animal adaptation and camouflage.  In art, students built on knowledge of animals and adaptation gained in the regular classroom by choosing an animal to sculpt out of clay.  Students began by looking at many animals that show the ability to camouflage in their habitat.  Each student chose an animal to sketch and then create out of clay.  As the clay was drying and being fired, each student created a habitat out of cardboard and construction paper.  This was a very successful project.  It will be on display in the commons for the Thomas Art Show on May 13th!