Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Green in the Art Room

A big point of emphasis this year in art is going green.  We are trying to be as environmentally responsible as possible.  Students are learning that there are many simple changes they can make to our daily routine that will make a big impact on the amount of waste we produce.  The year began by discussing what we could do in the art room to be more green.  Signs and reminders are posted around the room to help everyone remember to be as green as possible!  I have already noticed a huge reduction in the amount of trash from the art room.  Keep it up, everybody!

4th Grade Snowflake Mosaics

4th grade students recently finished a winter project.  We studied real snowflakes and the shapes they are made up of.  Each student used paper mosaic squares to create several snowflakes using cool colors.  The snowflakes that were made are as unique as real snowflakes.  Great job 4th grade!

3rd Grade Winter Landscapes

3rd Grade students just finished a winter themed project.  They learned about the fold artist, Grandma Moses.  Grandma Moses is famous for her landscape paintings that told a story through images.  Every student painted a winter landscape that told a story about what they like to do outside during the winter.  The project was finished by having students write a paragraph describing their work.