Friday, August 23, 2013

That New School Year Smell...

Put away the travel guides, finish those grad classes, turn on the alarm clock, and take a deep breath. You know what time it is. Back to school. (That song from 'Billy Madison' is constantly in my head right now.) If I'm back, I know that most of you are already in the classroom as well. 

Who else can't wait to pre-assess? I'll be doing a whole lot of additional assessment this year with some new changes to how teachers are evaluated in Ohio. Luckily, my elementary art colleagues are super fantastic and we have worked to come up with some simple assessments that will be easy to use, but still show student growth. 

I've got my room set up and ready to go for all 575(holy cow) of my students. I love how shiny the floor is at the beginning of the year. That certainly doesn't last. I really didn't change a whole lot this year other than organizing my drawing books a little better and put up some new Pinterest-inspired signs. I'm looking forward to trying out some new lessons this year and sharing all of the fantastic Thomas Elementary artwork with all of you!
How is my desk already a mess?
My grade level bulletin boards are even ready!
My favorite new sign. I hung three!
Three new Pinterest-inspired signs. Thanks, internets!