Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st Grade Geometric Robots

The second project of the year for 1st grade focused on geometric shapes.  Students learned that a geometric shape is often made from straight lines and these shapes usually have names such as triangle, square, or hexagon.  Students used geometric shapes to create all kinds of super cool robots.  These turned out really well.

1st Grade Caterpillars

Having new first grade students is always exciting.  They always look forward to coming to art and learning so much!  While their first questions is always, "When are we going to paint?", I always start out with something a little less demanding for their first project.  For this lesson, students learned that textures are something that you can feel with your hands.  1st graders used texture plates in order to create individual segments for a collaborative caterpillar project.  When all of the pieces were finished, they were hung in the commons to look like huge, colorful caterpillars.  This project got us off to a great start to the year.