Friday, January 15, 2010

1st Grade Rockets in Space

1st grade just finished a project that took them to the final frontier.  After studying space and space travel, each student made a small rocket using construction paper and colored pencils.  They then made up their own planets and used black tempera paint to create the blackness of space.  The rockets were glued down and stars were added to finish the project.  This project is currently on display by the kindergarten classrooms!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2nd Grade Egyptian Cats

2nd grade just finished a project based on Egyptian culture and design.  Each student made an Egyptian cat with many patterns.  In addition to the cat, each student wrote their names in hieroglyphics.  These projects came out very well and are currently on display in the commons.  

5th Grade African Inspired Masks

5th graders just finished a project inspired by African masks.  Each student created a ceramic mask based on a combination of an African animal and a human face.  The results were quite stunning.  Thomas students love working with clay, and it certainly showed with this project.  After the masks were fired, students painted them with acrylic paints, then later used a thin layer of brown tempera over the top to give their masks an aged look.