Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2nd Grade Fairy Tale Puppets

This is another new lesson from this year. I'll say right off the bat that I had mixed results for this lesson. I liked the vast majority of the project, but there are some things that I'll change if I use it again next year.

I loved how this project allowed the kids to be creative in different ways. The 2nd graders had just finished a fairy tale lesson in their regular classroom. I built off of that and had small groups within each class write their own alternative fairy tale. You can find some good examples in "The Stinky Cheese Man." Students took a basic idea from one fairy tale and changed details or characters or plot details in order to make their own original story. Students then chose one character from their story to make a puppet of. 

The puppets were simple paper bag puppets covered with construction paper. The puppets turned out great. You can see all kinds of cool examples at the top of the post. I had dreams of kids acting out their original stories with their original puppets and it being super cool. It wasn't exactly that. Most of the actual performances were a little disjointed, even with extra practice. I'll have to rethink that part for the future. 

Download my lesson plan here!

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