Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5th Grade Stop Motion 2013-14

Stop motion is back again! This project is one that I don't think can ever go away. I would have a full-scale revolt on my hands and it would be lead by about 125 5th graders. 

I went away from doing strictly "claymation" last year and I really liked the results. I set up the project the same this year. Each class broke into four groups. From then out, the entire project was in the hands of the group. Each group brainstormed, sketched, created sets & characters, drew storyboards, filmed, edited, and recorded voices. It can be a task making sure that 100% of the students are fully engaged all the time, but that was mitigated a bit by the very real threat of a two page artist report! (For the record, 4 students know quite a bit about a famous artist of their choice now!) 

I've also included a couple images of some storyboard work for one group to give everyone an idea of some of the preparation that is necessary for the 5th graders to create their animation. In my experience, this is quite a long project. With everything that needs to be done, the prep and filming alone take a couple of months. I'm going to work on shortening the project next year. I want to do it in a way that still allows for a lot of creativity, but with less total time taken. 

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Catherine said...

Hi there! I also find the stop motion project to be the most popular, and most time consuming project of each year. I have teamed up with the 5th grade teachers at my school to speed the process up. Students created the story boards for their films with their classroom teachers, and brought them to art. This saved 2-3 class periods and allowed for students to focus more on creating their films and props with me. Hope that helps :)