Monday, June 6, 2016

End of the Year All-Stars

Here's the deal. It's been a long year. At the moment, I'm simply ready for summer. I have quite a few lessons that I was planning on writing posts for, but I'm just not going to get there. What I'll do instead is post some all-star student work from various lessons that I haven't had time to write about. I'll be back to blogging this fall. Enjoy! Happy summer!

This first project is a 5th grade sgraffito mug lesson. Slab mugs topped with black underglaze. Sgraffito done with an underwater motif. Pretty rad. My example is the first image. 

2nd Grade clay dinosaurs. Always a winner. Clay with tempera paint. 

 5th grade Keith Haring paintings inspired by what is important to each student. Neon paint- oh, yeah!

 The next project is the slab castle project by 4th grade. 

Anthropomorphic animals by third grade. This project was clear at the end of the year and it was begging for more time. I'll do it a little differently next year. They still turned out really cool. 

Finally, a fan favorite. 4th grade animal reduction prints. This rock every single year. No exception this year. 

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